Skid Nation - Door Bushes (NA/NB/NC/ND)

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Want the easiest mod you will ever do to your 5?

These door bushes will stiffen your chassis up by pinching the door within the opening.

We run these on our own car!


Skid Nation have to say:

CNC machined from a homogenous block of POM-H engineering plastic for high load applications. Beware of “alternatives” made by 3D printing or from the cheap POM-C material – you get what you pay for.

Say goodbye to door squeak and rattle! These will keep them shut like nothing else. Based on customer feedback we can confirm these are a great upgrade even for Mk4 (ND/RF) MX-5 and Fiat 124 Spider!

With 21 mm thickness these are probably the new thickest door bushings on the market. Our design with 20° bevel on leading edges allows for smooth and easy door closing. Delrin combines low friction and high wear resistance with the stiffness and strength needed, so won’t crack over time and has a nice smooth surface.


Only available in black