About Us

We are a UK based Drift Brand, based in Swindon, with a global outreach.

Our bread and butter is mx5/miatas. We first got our hands on our mk1 in 2013. 

We strongly believe all cars should look good from race/driftcars to daily drivers, so we do everything we can to bring some style to all our products and customers.

Our Team:

So we are actually just a team of one at the moment, with the intention of growing soon.


I started BlackFlag Labs in 2018 with the intention of improving the UK's style and bringing cool parts to the people at a reasonable price.

Our Cars:

Mk1 MX5:

Josh: I've Owned this car since 2013. When I bought it it was almost a completely different car, with only 50k on the clock.

Since then its had, a whole new bodykit, a built motor, wire tuck, destroy or die front hubs, many interior mods (including a carbon kevlar bridge zeta out of a Kanjo racer along with skidnation seat rails), HSD coilovers, and many many more modifications.


 Josh: Ive owned this car since 2017. When I bought it, the clutch didnt work and it wouldnt rev past 4k. However this didnt bother me so I drove it home anyways. After selling my daily to buy this, I honestly did question my poor choice. 

After fixing it every time I drove it and putting up with the horrific fuel bill for 6 months. The electrics started to fail. By this point I had had enough of the underpowered 6 port na 13b. This is also when an rotten ls400 came up for very very cheap.

It was at this point I decided to engine swap the car. This took me way longer than it should have, with obstacles in the way such as manual swapping the engine, building motor mounts/exhaust, being let down by reputable companies for parts/work, relocating both clutch and brake lines to a floor mounted pedal box and even rewiring the whole car!

However now the car is an absolute gem and will be constantly improving over the near future!

Honda Accord:

Josh: So truth be told, I've actually owned two of these and the old one can be seen in the background of a lot of our photos. This is the work car, used for lugging about people and parts. Being a diesel it does good fuel mileage and can tow the rx7 or mx5 if need be. Simple as that really?


We also support a couple of drivers who have the same mentality as us (style really does matter):

  • Tom Van Beek
  • BlueBois - Dan O'Shea
  • BlueBois - Tristan Packham


For updates on all our builds, find us on facebook here, alternatively find us on instagram here