Street Hero's 2.0


With Street Hero's 2020 being a huge success, we are proud to announce Street Hero's 2.0!

What is Street Hero's you ask? Well this is a difficult one to explain but lets give it a try. Its designed as a haven for people who take the appearance of their car seriously. Think of it as a rolling car show, rather than a typical drift event. 

So When and where is it? Street Hero's 2.0 will take place on Sunday 11th July 2021, at Birmingham wheels raceway on the Street Style course. The venue will be run dry, unless of course weather prevails.

How do I get in? So we run the day as an private event. This is to ensure that everyone has a good day and that we are only selecting people who are like minded.

If your interested in joining us, you will need to send over an application to:


Your application should include: 

  • A specification list of your car
  • Your rear tyre size (your "skid wheels" should also look good on your car)
  • Your Instagram tag
  • Photographs of your car would also help our process

If your car currently isn't complete please provide a list of your plans before the event.

After your apply, if you are accepted, we will require a non refundable deposit to secure your place. This deposit will be £25 and can be payable through Klarna if need be.

Ticket prices will be £120 for the day (minus your deposit). Included in your ticket price, is free tire changing. However tire disposal will incur a cost of £2.50 per tire.

During the event we will be giving out prizes based on aggressive driving style, fitment and general car appearance. So bring your best wheels, paint all your aero, and pack your best suit.

There are only 20 spaces and entries close Friday 11th June 2021, so please get your entries in before then.

If you wish to apply as a team that is acceptable, but we please ask that you include all the cars in details provided.

Lets together bring back the rolling car show that is drifting!


Please also note this isnt just and MX5 event (just last year everyone else with something else, their car broke before the event)

And for those that havent seen what its about before here are some photos from Street Hero's 2020:



Dont forget to apply