Street Heros 2020

Fed up of everyone taking drifting so seriously and want take it back to simpler times where style was king?

Thus for we are pleased to announce our very first rolling car show, hosted at Birmingham wheels raceway:

Street Heros!

Being a style based grassroots event, held on the 18th of December, this is application only! We don't want to ruin other peoples day with slow moving traffic, or beaten up "race cars". 

Ticket prices will be £120 for the day. Included in your ticket price, is free tire changing. However tire disposal will incur a cost of £2.50 per tire.

During the event we will be giving out prizes based on aggressive driving style, fitment and general car appearance. So bring your best wheels, paint all your aero, and pack your best suit.

To apply please send in email your application to us at:

Your application should include: 

  • A specification list of your car
  • Your rear tyre size (your "skid wheels" should also look good on your car)
  • Your instagram tag

There are only 15 spaces and entries close November Friday 20th, so please get your entries in before then.

Lets together bring back the rolling car show that is drifting!


Application is free