Skid Nation - Alignment Bolts

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Unfortunately Mx5's are getting old now and the alignment bolts have more than likely seen better days? 

Well why not treat yours to a full set of upgraded alignment bolts?

These bolts are made high tensile  and tested to over 500Nm (360ft-lb). These beauties combined with the alignment locks set, means you will never have an alignment slipping problem again!!!


Here's what Skid Nation had to say:

Far superior to the OEM part, our kit uses 10.9 grade bolts and a fine thread for increased torque capability. This means your suspension will not as easily go off alignment as before. The OEM camber bolts tend to stretch or seize over time, which not only makes alignment more difficult, but could leave your car undrivable if snapped.

Galvanized to protect against corrosion and seizure. Includes lock nuts and eccentric camber plates. Utilising original Mazda design, but with better materials. The resulting camber adjustment range is the same as with stock bolts. Used since 2014.

Sold either individually or as a full set of eight. We recommend to use with our alignment locks set. The locks are not mandatory – they are an upgrade that helps to keep desired alignment in place for drifters, track days etc.

We recommend to torque them about 15 ft-lb / 20 Nm higher than OEM:
Front 96 ft-lb / 130 Nm
Rear 85 ft-lb / 120 Nm

Bolts can take torque over 1000 Nm / 730 ft-lb, so in the unlikely case you experience misalignment after a track day, you can tighten them more, you can get our alignment locks.

Important note: the nuts have a locking mechanism that cuts into the bolt’s thread. This is not a design fault and will not limit the number of re-alignments you can do. Thread which is used to transfer torque between the nut and the bolt will not be damaged, only the end of the bolt will be cut by the locking nut.

Fits all 1989 – 2005 cars (MK1 – MK2 – MK2.5). Shipping world-wide.