Skid Nation - Alignment Locks

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Fed up of constantly realigning your car? 

Or perhaps you have adjustable arms and don't want an extra factor to go wrong?

Skid Nation have the perfect solution!!

Here's what Skid Nation had to say:

Note: we are now using a new “two flat plane” design instead of “D” shape pictured. The “H” and “D” shape locks for OEM Mazda bolts are available also.

Do you want your alignment to be like it’s set in a stone even after your next track day? We’ve got the right gear for the job – a set of eccentric suspension locks which will ensure your setup won’t move once locked in place. Guaranteed.

Please keep in mind the installation of these will require more time and effort than a regular alignment job without them. The locks can be used on suspension arms selectively as needed.

The cut-ous are made in the same manner as the adjustment marks on OEM bolts, each represents 18° of rotation. The resulting camber adjustment range is the same as with OEM bolts. With our locks the alignment bolts can be locked in these positions:
18° – 1,56 mm off centre
36° – 2,90 mm off centre
54° – 4,00 mm off centre
72° – 4,70 mm off centre
90° – 5,00 mm off centre

Sold as a full set of eight. Treated by zinc galvanization to protect against rust.

Fits all 1989 – 2005 cars (MK1 – MK2 – MK2.5).

Shipping world-wide.